This guide outlines each step of the data migration process, what is required from you, what we do, and approximate timelines for a typical migration. Please be sure to read through it thoroughly and carefully and keep it handy, as your Sumac data migration expert will refer to the steps during the process. You are responsible for understanding and knowing the contents of this document.

Your commitment

Data migration is a collaborative process that requires your organization’s time and commitment. Your Sumac data migration expert will guide you through this process, to help the project run efficiently and smoothly, but the success of this project ultimately relies heavily on your involvement.

What we do with your data

The purpose of data migration is to move the data from your existing systems into Sumac. While we will format some of your data so that it can properly fit in Sumac, it will essentially be moved into Sumac “as is”. This means that any data entry problems that exist in your current system will be transfered to Sumac and will likely be more obvious in your Sumac database. Our Sumac gurus will be available to guide and help you in your cleaning efforts once your Sumac database is up and running.
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