Data migration contact form

Data Migration Primary Contact Form

To understand all the steps in the process, see the Data Migration Guide.

Choosing a Primary Contact

In order to get started with your data migration, you must assign a primary contact person. This person should know your organization’s data very well, since they will be in charge of collecting and sending all of your organization’s data, mapping out how the data will be represented in your new Sumac database, and signing off on all stages of the data migration process.

Choose a primary contact who meets as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Logical and data-focused
  • Open and willing to embrace change
  • Knows and understands your organization’s data systems, and/or can communicate effectively with those who do
  • Understands your organization’s programs and activities, especially in the context of data needs (data entry, reporting needs, policies and practices, etc.)
  • Will be available to see the data migration project from start to end (capable of making up to a 6-month commitment).
  • Able to add the data migration project to their day-to-day work-load, and to make it a priority. This is not a job for someone who is already overburdened.
  • Had some part in the Sumac sales process, and/or understands, at least on a basic level, what Sumac is all about, and what your organization purchased.
  • Familiar with databases and/or information management practices.
  • Avoid choosing a primary contact who meets any of the following criteria:

  • Resistant or mistrustful of switching to a new system.
  • New to your organization, and therefore not familiar with your practices and current data systems
  • Planning to leave your organization within the next 6 months. This might include summer students, contract workers, maternity leaves, or retirement.
  • Not involved in your organization’s daily activities or program management. This might include board members, occasional volunteers, or external/contracted tech support people.
  • Already overburdened with other projects and/or incapable of committing the necessary time to data migration.
  • Unfamiliar with Sumac, either as a user or through the sales/demo process.
  • Primary Contact Form

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