Data Migration – Mapping Task

The task

The data migration is a process of taking data from customers in spreadsheet form and moving it into Sumac integrated database. The most important part of it is deciding where information should go. For this task you will take an example spreadsheet and decide where the information will go in Sumac based on the knowledge you gained from preparation for task material below.

You should download Spreadsheet (test – data mapping Spreadsheet.xlsx) with pretend customer data, that contains information about donors and donations they have made, which customer want migrated to Sumac. Download Spreadsheet

Table “Disposition in Sumac” below lists each of the columns in Spreadsheet you downloaded.

Your task is to identify where the data from each column from the Spreadsheet should go in Sumac and fill out the “Disposition in Sumac” column. We have filled out the first few fields as an example.

Please send the filled Table “Disposition in Sumac” together with your resume and cover letter to email mentioned in the job ad with subject line “Data Mapping Test”.

Table “Disposition in Sumac”

Column in SpreadsheetDisposition in Sumac
First NameContact record: First Name field
Last NameContact record: Last Name field
Publish Name
Board Member
Do Not Contact
Gift Designation
Phone Number

Preparation for task

1. Familiarize yourself with Sumac

Download and install a Trial Sumac database by following the instructions HERE (/install-free-trial/)

2. Watch the following training videos:

Start/Logon & Sumac Console (
What is in a Contact Record (
Enter Donations (

3. Read the following parts of the Sumac Users Guide (/assetswp/misc-docs/SumacUsersGuide.pdf):

Enter Contacts (pp. 104-113)
Enter Donations (pp. 196-199)

4. Optional, but helpful: practice entering contacts and donations in Sumac.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.