Data Migration

Step 1-B: Compile Your Data

Your responsibility: Gather the data you wish to include in the data migration. Send it to your data migration expert, along with the Data Sign-off form (which will be sent to your primary contact via email).

Time frame: 1-4 weeks

Guidelines: Take your time with this step. Make sure that you gather all of the data that you want migrated into your new Sumac database. You will not have a chance to send more data for mapping.

As you prepare your data for mapping, make note of each file you sent, what you named it, and how you produced the data (e.g. reports, export settings). This helps you when you have to repeat the process in Phase 3 in order to send your data for the final migration.

Your data might include:

  • Database tables (converted to spreadsheets)
  • Database reports (converted to spreadsheets)
  • Donations
  • Event attendance information
  • Mailing lists
  • Accounting contacts
  • Board lists
  • Email lists
  • Program usage history
  • Volunteer lists
  • Volunteer time logs
  • Any other data you have in spreadsheets
  • * Please be aware that this is just an example list. Your data may include much more than this, or less. What’s important is that you send us all of your data.

    Acceptable formats:
    All your data must be sent in tables containing consistent patterns of columns and rows. Typically, this will mean spreadsheets (.csv, .xls, .xlsx) or tab-delimited text files (.txt).

    Example of correct formatting:
    Acceptable Formats

    We are unable to migrate data sent in the following formats:

  • Entire databases files (eg. .mdb, .accdb, .gds, .fp5, .fp6, etc.). You are responsible for extracting data from your existing systems and providing it to your data migration expert in one of the formats listed above.
  • Word processing documents (eg. .doc, .odt)
  • PDF documents
  • Spreadsheets with several tables containing different types of data arranged visually on a single worksheet (example below).
  • Unacceptable Formats

    Sending Us Your Data
    When your data is ready to go, follow the instruction HERE, to send it to us securely.

    Key Considerations:

  • Data migration includes up to 100 columns of data. While we can be flexible with this number, you maybe asked to reduce your data if we deem it to be excessive.
  • If you purchased data migration for Sumac Silver, please remember that the service only covers 1,000 contacts. We realize that you may have duplicates, so we will convert up to 2,000 contacts at no additional charge. However, if your data contains more than 2,000 contacts, there will be a penalty of $100 for every additional 1,000 contacts.
    If you need help extracting data from its current location, let us know. We have a Data Extraction service available for $350. Please note: It’s always better if you do your own data extraction because you know your data best. This service is intended for people who are really stuck and can’t get their data out themselves.