Customizing Your Online Donation Form

In order for us to set up your online donation form, you must provide these things:

1 Please provide your logo in .jpg format in the size you would like it to appear on your donation page.

2 Please specify one colour in RGB or HEX format that you would like both the titles and donation button to be. Titles and button are all one colour.

3 Please specify the donation amounts you would like to appear in the donation form. You can include as many as you like.

4 Would you like to allow donors to attribute their donation to a particular fund? The list of funds will be generated from your Sumac database.

5 Would you like to allow donors to dedicate the donation to someone? If so, please specify the exact wording you would like to appear here.

Note: If you have the Pledges Add-on Option, “Make this a monthly gift” checkbox will automatically appear underneath the donation amounts. If you do not have Pledges, it will not appear.



Please note:
If you would like to customize your donation page beyond this, you will be responsible for doing the customization yourself. You can use your own web developer, or we can recommend one.