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Sumac Contacts is at the heart of Sumac’s superior functionality, providing a completely customizable solution for rapidly recording and analyzing all the important details about contacts involved with your organization.

A greater information base provides your staff with the knowledge necessary to raise more funds with a focused approach, as well as easier facilitation of your mission that benefits the community.


With Sumac, we got the perfect solution – excellent customer service and an easy-to-use product at an affordable price…

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Features of Sumac Contact Management

Record Detailed Information

Record detailed demographic information, communication preferences and multiple home, business and vacation addresses in a contact record for each constituent in your community.

Record Relationships

Record relationships between contacts to better understand the social network of any constituent, including business, family and casual relations.

Attach Documents

Supplement contact profiles with external documents in any format, such as resumes and websites.

Record Facts

Document supplementary facts about education, club memberships, employment history, program interests, assets, external donations, planned gifts, qualifications, volunteer availability and preferences.

Integrate With Everything

Link contact records with every piece of Sumac – Memberships, Events, Ticketing, Volunteers, Donations – providing a complete description of your relationship with an individual constituent or your community as a whole.

Create Segments

Specify segments or subsets of contacts, and indicate which segment each contact is in. Specify which segment or segments of contacts each user is allowed to see. This enables you to address scenarios like these:

  • You have offices for several related groups or organizations. Perhaps they are geographically distributed. Each one gets access to only its own contacts.
  • Some contacts in your database are extremely confidential and must be accessible only by selected users.
  • The database contains contacts for different parts of your organization (e.g. fundraising and client services) and their contact lists need to be separated.
  • You are a service organization which provides database usage to your customers, and each customer is allowed to see only its list of contacts.


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