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Non-profit organizations raise funds from an eclectic populace. Applying the same communication strategy to every demographic will not be as effective as an approach that focuses on the unique preferences of the individuals, families and organizations with which your non-profit associates.

Sumac Campaigns enables you to analyze and sort your contacts into more manageable segments, providing the ability to craft a more persuasive, personalized package that increases the effectiveness of your fundraising drive while improving staff efficiency when delivering your mission.


With Sumac, we got the perfect solution – excellent customer service and an easy-to-use product at an affordable price…

Communications Manager, Transforming Faces


Features of Sumac Campaigns

  • Specify which contacts should be included and which should be excluded from a campaign using built-in searching tools.
  • Segment constituents into groups of potential donors, soliciting each group with a customized package of materials.
  • Generate and track communications automatically.
  • Identify revenue targets for campaigns.
  • Assign staff to work on a particular campaign.
  • Assign source codes to each package so that responses can be accurately tracked and recorded.
  • Use reports to analyze the outcome of a campaign.
  • Correlate donations, pledges and communications with campaigns for in-depth analysis.


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