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Another one Bites the Dust: Blackbaud Kills Common Ground

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Blackbaud has decided to end development and eventually support for Common Ground which it acquired in May. The official statement reads: “As a result of our product integration analysis, we have made the decision to retire Common Ground.” They continue to explain that Common Ground will only be supported through March, 2014.

Time and time again, Blackbaud buys and kills off a product with very little concern for the users. It’s really quite sad, especially when you consider some 600 non-profit organizations rely on Common Ground to run their non-profits. It does seem harsh, doesn’t it? Even Robert Weiner, Nonprofit Technology expert, weighs in saying that he’s surprised with the shut off date. “When Blackbaud bought Campagne Associates’ GiftMaker Pro (GMP) product in 2006, clients were given 2 years to migrate.”

Unsurprisingly, Common Ground users are ticked off. One angry nonprofit professional wrote a blog about it. Another started a petition urging Blackbaud to keep Common Ground alive. That petition now has 168 supporters. Some of the worst comments come from those who just got the product and spent a lot of time and money on the implementation process. Many of those organizations are small and have limited resources to implement another product in the next 18 months.

For Those Affected

For those of you who have been affected, you should be aware of Sumac as an alternative to Common Ground.

Sumac offers:

  • Flat rate for data migration from CG: Sumac Gold = $1,500 & Sumac Silver = $700
  • Incredibly low monthly fees, so you’ll be paying less than you ever did with Common Ground. See pricing chart here.
  • The absolute best, most attentive customer service who will help make the transition process from Common Ground as smooth as possible.
  • Stability. Sumac is not going anywhere.

If you’re thinking about the best alternative for your organization, and want to learn more about Sumac, you can find out more and schedule a free, personal demo here.

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