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How to Design Your Newsletter to Maximize Donations

An Appeal letter is a necessary tool for many organizations, but a nonprofit newsletter can also be a powerful means for fundraising. When crafted carefully, your nonprofit newsletter can build loyal supporters.

It’s a given that a nonprofit newsletter should be clear and visually appealing; however there is a lot more to consider when putting one together.

Nonprofit Newsletter Donations

All About Donors

It can be a mistake to make your newsletter all about your organization. If you make it about your donor, it can help build the kind of loyalty you have been hoping for. When you explain how donors make a difference, they quickly realize just how much giving matters. Continue to remind donors throughout the newsletter that they play a critical role in your efforts.

Powerful Headlines

Give careful consideration to your subject line. It is the first part of your newsletter that people see in their inbox and it will determine whether people pay attention or move on to something else.

Be Bold

We have become a very visual society so using big, bold images is a smart idea. Look below at how St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital handled one of its volunteer newsletters. It has a bold image, a strong statement about donors, and a bright donation button.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Nonprofit Newsletter Donations

Be a Storyteller

For hundreds of years human beings have told stories in their day-to-day lives to communicate important information. Continue that tradition in your nonprofit newsletters. Nonprofit storytelling is powerful because it has tension, drama, and a resolution. Remember to point out that there would be no happy ending without your donors.

Cross Promote & Share

Today nonprofits have a lot to manage when it comes to marketing. There is the website, social media channels, blogs and newsletters. All of these can work together to help elevate your efforts. For example, your nonprofit newsletter can include the beginning of a blog post that allows readers to click through to the entire article. Also keep in mind that email newsletters can have options to share your content on media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Include your social media links and an easy share button so readers can post your content to their newsfeeds.

Mobile Friendly

Over 50 percent of emails are now opened on mobile devise so how you format your nonprofit newsletter is more important than ever before. Make sure it is easy to read and click on via smartphones and tablets.

Not every reader is the same so you may have to experiment a little bit with your approach to formulating newsletters. View the nonprofit newsletter best practices outlined here as guidelines as opposed to gospel and tweak where necessary.

If you are willing to do a bit of thoughtful planning, a consistent newsletter can engage an audience and help you raise more money.

About the Author: Sumac is part of the Silent Partner Software family, a company dedicated to providing exception software and services to nonprofits. With over 25 years of service, Silent Partner has helped organizations manage over 3 million donors and contacts across the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. Learn more.

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