How to Create a $150,000 Digital Marketing Campaign for $125

At the end of 2014, 55% of non-profits expected their marketing budgets to grow in the new year with the purpose of achieving three main goals: increasing online donations, developing social media engagement, and improving data management. If your marketing budget grew this year, did you achieve these goals? If not, there are tons of resources that open up marketing spend for your organization, no matter your budget. To prove that, here’s how you can run a $150,000/year marketing campaign for only $125.

Relaunch Your Brand With a New Logo

The general rule of thumb is to think about redesigning your logo every five years, but for most companies, a logo starts to show its age after 10. What was cool in 2006 probably isn’t cool now. Unfortunately, a new logo design can cost $250-500, and that’s not mentioning the cost to do a complete rebranding.

Consider tapping into the freelance resources at Fiverr, where designers will draft a few samples in 48-72 hours for as little as $5. Better yet – turn to your social media audience. Create a contest to design a logo or ask followers to vote on which they like best. When Yahoo! updated its logo 2013, it generated 30 days of buzz around which design it would pick, so on top of saving $250 dollars, you’re also getting free content.

Crowdsource for Social Media Content

Every non-profit marketing director faces a challenge: should they save the time of their employees by outsourcing social and content marketing (which can run up to $3,000/month), or should they save the company money by keeping it in-house. If you get creative it’s possible to reduce your employee’s time without spending money.

Some companies, like Busch Gardens involve employees across different parts of the organization to contribute, which offers fresh perspectives and reduces the burden on marketing staff. For your non-profit, consider reaching out to the community to share their stories about how they got involved as a donor or fond memories of volunteering.

Take Advantage of Adobe Discounts

Adobe Creative Suite has restructured its business to offer monthly subscriptions instead of a one-time download. Now, users can pay $50/month for Photoshop, Indesign and Acrobat. However, that’s still too much for many companies who only have a few hundred dollars to work with per month.

Adobe offers non-profit pricing that can reduce the cost to $10-20/month depending on your needs. That savings adds up to almost $500 of savings for the year. Now that you have the professional tools, get creative with your designs! Facebook photos have an 87% interaction rate compared to all other media, so get cracking if you’re looking to grow engagement.

Make Yourself Mobile

More people access the Internet via smartphone than desktop, and some companies find 70% of their emails are opened via mobile. 2016 should be the year non-profits embrace mobile messaging as a marketing tool.

SMS messaging has a 95% open rate, and the easiness of opting out means the only people who receive your texts are donors and supporters who care about your message. Check out tools like MobileCause and FrontlineSMS which provide free or discounted text message and donation capabilities. Considering most tools start at around $300/month, taking advantage of these free options can help you stay on budget.

Save $120,000 a Year by Applying to Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants provide $10,000 of paid search advertising per month (or $330/day) for non-profits to advertise on their parent search engine. To date, Google works with 20,000 non-profits in 50 different countries. All you need is a website and charity status to apply.

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