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7 of the Best Social Media Tools for Non-Profits

Social media is something that eventually everyone will have to master. Today, we have social media experts but, more than likely, there will come a day when you will have to be your own expert in social media.

According to the 2013 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study by M&R Strategic Services and NTEN, in 2012 the average number of followers on Twitter for a non-profit organization was 21,788, and in 2014, a gift of $11,000 was tweeted to the Kenyan Water Charity, which was the largest gift given to charity on Twitter to date. Many non-profit organizations recognize that social media is an important tool in their fundraising efforts, which continues to grow robustly, and are diligently working toward making social media a part of their overall business strategy.

Some basic and not-so-basic tools that you should be using at your non-profit are as follows:


The grand-daddy of social networking, your non-profit should have its own Facebook page, if it doesn’t already have one. The 2013 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study found that the average value of a Facebook Like after acquisition is $214.81. With over 1.23 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a key way for you to post updates, pictures and news about current events on the organization’s timeline and follower newsfeeds.


500 million tweets are sent each day by 271 million monthly users. 78% of active users use Twitter on their mobile device. Twitter is a way to quickly raise awareness about an issue or spot trends. It is also a way to communicate quickly with people anywhere in the world, as 77% of accounts are outside of the United States. Twitter is never “off” and a tweet sent in the middle of the night can have a response from someone on the other side of the globe within minutes.


This tool offers the opportunity for people to bid and support video conferences and chats with interesting or high-profile people in support of your cause or project. An interesting way your organization may try this out, if you haven’t already, would be to have a high-profile supporter auction off a few minutes of his or her time for the non-profit. Using online and offline promotion you can promote the auction, through Wizeo, for the duration to current and new prospective donors.


A great tool for getting people together around an event or social occasion, is Meetup. Often, organizations are looking to cultivate new friends and donors with social or networking events. Meetup can be used to promote, for example, cocktails at the local hot spot or a Saturday morning run for supporters and others in your community.


Most non-profit organizations have at least one event per year. Pictures from events are typically then sent to donors or used for collateral material. Fundography allows you to continue to raise money for the organization – even after the event is a thing of the past. Staff and attendees to the event can use their smartphones and cameras to take pictures, which are then uploaded to Fundography for people to view and if interested, attendees (or those who were not able to attend) can purchase photographs for $2 each.


JustCoz enables you to increase your social media impact by leveraging the social media influence of your online friends and supporters who lend their voice in order to spread the word. It is a relay network that allows every charity and non-profit organization in the world to be heard beyond its existing ‘reachable audience’, and a community of ‘active followers’ who respond and amplify its messages.


Using a virtual board, you are able to provide followers with visual information, quotes, ideas and photographs relevant to your cause. With over 48.7 million worldwide users, over 80% women, you are able to tell your story in appealing ways that communicate to a global audience beyond local borders.


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