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4 New Platforms and Gadgets for Nonprofits

Being a non-profit with a small budget, a small marketing team, and trying to stand out in the busy online landscape can seem impossible. Despite these challenges, the mission is not impossible – there are platforms and gadgets that can help you increase your reach.

1. Project World Impact

Project World Impact

If you haven’t heard about Project World Impact then you soon will because as the Boston Globe has stated, “Project World Impact is changing the way people engage with non-profits.”

Project World Impact is an online hub for individuals and nonprofits looking for innovative ways to make a difference in their communities. Their hub is focused on helping nonprofits increase their funding, visibility, and operations and helping users connect with nonprofits that working in the causes and countries they’re passionate about. By creating a profile on, you can share your message with millions of visitors who are looking for nonprofits just like yours. Here are some of the other unique features of Project World Impact:

  • Enables non-profits to receive at-cost donations on their profiles
  • Non-profits can create crowdfunding projects
  • Allows for posting of non-profit volunteer opportunities
  • Non-profits can schedule their social media posts through Project World Impact
  • Non-profits can promote upcoming events and conferences, sell tickets, and track RSVPs
  • Basic sign up is free!

Project World Impact also promotes its nonprofits to over 50,000 social media followers and an email list of several hundred thousand subscribers.

There are other technology-driven approaches that are starting to get more attention from marketing experts in all business sectors, including the non-profit sector. Live video platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope are becoming more popular. Video is not a new tactic for sharing your message, but live streaming adds an instant connection to your audience. The number of people who love immediate experiences is growing year by year. The great part about live video is that it isn’t expensive. You simply need a reliable Internet connection and an HD quality camera.

2. DipJar

Dip Jar - Platform and Gadget for Nonprofit

From platforms to gadgets, DipJar is modelled after the old fashion tipjar that you would drop your pennies into as a way to donate. DipJar is a quick and easy way for donating that eliminates the need for cash and seems to have helped some organizations double their fundraising. How so? DipJar is easy, fast, and impulsive. When you dip your credit card into a DipJar it makes a cute ca-ching sound that people are often amused by.

The Salvation Army is one charity currently using Dipjar. Some chapters have started using it instead of the traditional kettle to collect donations. To learn more about DipJar, check out the video link below.

3. Flapit


Today we live in a society that depends on “likes”. According to the theory of “social proof,” people are more likely to trust a business or non-profit if it has a decent number of followers. Many marketing experts contend that followers and “likes” create brand recognition. This is where the gadget Flapit comes in. Flapit is a small box that helps organizations count their social media fan base in real time and display it for the public to see. Flapit can sit on a counter at the office or a table at a public event. It has a stock ticker that is constantly counting likes for social media platforms. It connects over WiFi from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Basically, the idea is that you can increase your online audience by exposing an offline audience to your connected Flapit. The small counter box monitors eleven different social media platforms.

Flapit and Dipjar not only have a purpose, but they can be great conversation pieces. They can also be highlighted through a Project World Impact profile. Remember, with Project World Impact you get visual exposure. You can take pictures or videos of people using Dipjar and looking at Flapit tick away. The website is fully optimized to help attract people who are searching for specific cause-related information.

4. Fundful P2P


Fundful P2P is a new peer to peer fundraising platform designed specifically for non-profits. It stands out from the rest because it has no start-up or monthly fees. It’s also ridiculously easy to use. You can create a completely branded peer to peer fundraising campaign in just a few clicks, and you can allow donors to cover the processing fees, so you keep 100% of the donations.

Peer to peer fundraising is taking off in the nonprofit world becasue friends asking friends to give results in something like 10 times higher response rates and 52% higher donations!

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