An Ode to the Nonprofit Professional

You are a nonprofit professional. I’m sure you don’t pat yourself on the back everyday for the good you do, but you’re pretty special. You have dedicated your life to giving back; to helping the world’s disadvantaged, filling the gaps in social services, nurturing arts and culture, and saving the environment. You resisted joining the corporate world in order to serve more altruistic ends, often with little pay, long hours, and little recognition. This is an ode to you – the nonprofit professional.

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday, and loose sight of the bigger picture: the good that you have done and the impact that it has on the world, but you should step back every once in a while to see how great it is. A research study conducted by Michigan State University and published in the European Journal of Social Sciences in 2010 examined a simple act of altruism – the act of opening a door for someone – and the effect it had. The research found that when a door was held open for someone, that person was more likely to hold the door open for the next person. So, altruism begets altruism.

If the simple act of holding a door open can inspire others in such a way, you can imagine the wave of good that your service has had on the world. So, whenever you get frustrated because you haven’t quite met your goal, or your heart feels heavy thinking about those still is need, remember what you have done, and rest assured knowing that the good you do stretches far beyond what you can possibly see.


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