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How to Get Peer to Peer Fundraisers Coming Back: 5 Retention Strategies

Wouldn’t it be great if every fundraiser remained committed year-after-year?

The truth is, the initial excitement of registering for a peer to peer event can wear off so you’ll need a retention strategy to keep people involved. Here are some ideas:

1. Communicate Regularly

We all live busy lives and need reminders from time-to-time. Fundraisers can use a nudge from you once-in-a-while. Use e-mail and other forms of communication to reach participants. Some non-profits schedule regular check-ins with their fundraisers; keeping in mind that communications will differ from person-to-person. For example, you wouldn’t have the same type of conversation with someone who hasn’t acquired any donations as someone who has collected $3,000.
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2. Train Fundraisers

Just like you train new staff, you can be training fundraisers. They might need help setting up donation pages or advice on how to write a good fundraising email. You can hold in-person training sessions, online ‘how to’ sessions, offer ‘how to’ guides, or make a video that provides fundraising tips. Training can reassure fundraisers and make them feel like they are important to the cause.

3. Consider Incentives

Whether at work or play, most people like incentives to reach their goals. You can use incentives to motivate your peer-to-peer fundraisers. Some examples of incentives include, event gear, tickets to events, gift cards, gift bags, or other prizes.

4. Promote Creativity

While participants like guidance, they also like the freedom to take some control. Encouraging fundraisers to be creative gives them control. We have heard of some fundraiser’s throwing dinner parties and setting up a special area in their home for a computer and inviting guests to donate. Others have organized coffee shop meet-ups and then solicited donations.

5. Recognize Achievement

When someone is recognized for his or her achievement it can inspire him or her to keep going and it can inspire others to join in. Real Men Wear Pink is a well-known fundraiser initiated by the American Cancer Society. Not only does this fundraiser grab attention because of its name, but it also does a good job in recognizing participants. In fact, the organization lists the names of top achievers on their website.

There are many other ways to keep your supporters engaged but the list we have provided is a handy reminder of how simple communications can help you. What it really comes down to is remembering to use your best people skills. Research out of Harvard and Stanford tells us that corporate success depends heavily on personal relationships and the ability to make others feel comfortable. It makes sense that this would also apply to non-profit organizations and peer-to-peer initiatives.

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