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7 Tips for Event Fundraising

Set Realistic Goals

Professional fundraisers often have pressure to outperform, in splendid fashion, what they were able to raise the prior year. However, it is always important to balance this with setting realistic expectations. During a peer-to-peer event, your donors want to have achievable individual or team goals that roll-up to the overall campaign goal. In order to help them be successful, it is important to work within realistic parameters because everyone wants to be part of a winning team.

Provide Plenty of Opportunity to Tell the Story

Your supporters work for your organization. They recruit others to support your cause. Therefore, you must provide them with the right tools to recruit people to support the effort. Make sure you have moving stories that are easily accessible to your supporters to help them convert others in their circle of influence. Remember, your supporters are working to not only to help you receive funding, but also to help you obtain new champions.

Be Creative on Your Website

Make sure you place banners on your website’s homepage. Promoting your event is integral to its success. As individuals or team members start to achieve results for your organization or have a great story to tell, feature them on your website or blog.

Multi-Channel Marketing

When doing peer-to-peer fundraising, remember that your event does not exist in a silo. Promote your event via multiple channels. Make sure you start early and build up your event often, perhaps by highlighting stories of successful fundraising supporters in emails. Tweet about successes and milestones, send out information in letters, make sure your Facebook page has regular posts and ask people when making personal visits to support your event.

Give People Plenty of Opportunities to Donate

An adage in fundraising is that prospective donors do not give because they are not asked. Always provide multiple opportunities for donors to support your peer-to-peer fundraising event. For example, make sure your website supports donations to your event, your mailings speak to the event and your Facebook page has a way to receive support.

Find Donors in Unexpected Places

Encourage your supporters to look beyond their email list when looking for sponsors. Sometimes people are not aware that their sphere of influence is larger than their immediate friends or family. They can garner support for the effort in schools they attend, at church, at work (depending on company policy), membership organizations or other places where they associate with people.

Appreciate Donor Support

Sometimes organizations are so focused on the fundraising that they forget donors want to have their gifts and participation appreciated. Show your appreciation for your early supporters, but also for your new supporters brought in by your peer-to-peer event. Ensure your acknowledgements are as personal as possible and when the event is over, thank all donors again and send them an update about the final tally and how those monies are being used.


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