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5 Ways Photos Can Boost Online Fundraising

We live in a world where so many are vying for the public’s attention, and this is precisely why visuals have become so important. Marketing research suggests that today’s online readers have an attention span of about 8 seconds, so visual elements can be extremely helpful in trying to get your message across.

Here are five ways you can use photos to boost online fundraising:

1. Campaigns

If you want people to hear you, thinking visually has to be a priority. The truth is, images are one of the first elements the public notices about a campaign. World Bicycle Relief’s Mobilize Me campaign shares photos and stories of people in rural Zambia using bicycles to change their worlds, and is a great example of how powerful photos can help your campaign.

Mobilize Me

2. Social Media

Studies show that people process visuals a lot quicker than they do text. This is why social media platforms that focus on pictures, like Instagram and Pinterest, have performed so well. Instagram users are very engaged. In fact, the interactions-to-followers ratio is believed to be 30 times greater than other social media platforms. When it comes to Pinterest, marketing reports indicate that 93 out of the world’s top 100 brands have an active account. While many are not raising funds for a cause, their social practices, especially when it comes to imagery, can be used as inspiration for non-profits. There are also many charitable organizations that are performing well thanks to social media and the use of imagery. Check out charity: water’s Instagram page!

3. Impact Reports

An impact report tells your donors how their donations have and impact, and using pictures is always a really good idea to showcase that impact. Impact reports can include a combination of testimonials, pictures, statistics presented in charts or in an info-graphic format, and stories. Check out Ecology Project International’s Impact Report!

4. Receipts

You already know that you will be providing receipts to donors, so you should consider that document valuable real estate. Why not include an image to show donors the difference they’re making so they can be assured in their decision to donate and will be more likely to give again because they have an emotional connection to their contribution.

5. Newsletter

Your newsletter is a great opportunity to share with your supporters all the great things you’ve been doing and photos can make those stories come alive. Here are some more ideas from the experts on what to include in your newsletter!

If you are thinking about stepping up your game in terms of imagery, keep in mind that quality counts. If you are worried about ongoing costs for professional photography, it might be helpful for you to know that there are various content creation tools that can assist you in improving online images.

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