Dear <<c_Letter_Salutation>>,

[Insert story to draw the reader in – e.g. It was a Saturday morning and we looked around to see the breakfast club full of happy, smiling children. Each one of them talking and laughing, completely obvious to the fact that they were disadvantaged; they did not see themselves that way at all. Since you cannot see their dear faces, I am writing to tell you how wonderful it is to see them smile and how thankful we are for your donations that have made it happen!] Your contribution has helped so much, but the need is still great.

Each year [Insert what you do – e.g. we help thousands of children by giving them a proper breakfast and somewhere safe to play after school.] Without donations like yours, however, the centre will not have enough funds to keep operating. We are hoping to raise another [Insert goal – e.g. $10,000] to keep the [Insert specific programs – e.g. breakfast club and our array of after-school clubs] going through next year. A financial gift from you will be a big help in reaching our goal. There are several levels of giving. Here’s an example of what your gift will achieve:

[Insert gift amounts and what they will achieve – e.g.

$20 - will feed one child breakfast for a month

$50 - will feed two children breakfast for a month

$100 - will feed two children breakfast for a month and allow us to buy two basketballs for our after-school program (playing basketball is something children really love!)]

These services [Insert how they help – e.g. bring so much joy for the kids]. Together we are transforming lives and building brighter futures – but without you, it just wouldn’t be possible. Thank you so much for your support!

Kind Regards,

[Insert Executive Director’s name]

Executive Director