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Share some exciting news, or tell a story about an individual who benefited from your cause. Tips on story-telling Here.

For ideas on what to include in your newsletter, see:
8 Brilliant Non-profit Newsletter Ideas from the Experts

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Tips and Advice

How about some helpful advice or tips for the reader? A vegetarian non-profit, for example, might put a vegetarian recipes in their newsletter each month. This is great value added for the reader and something they’ll appreciate.

A Video

A video is also a great alternative to long, wordy articles, and you can make one quite easily (without the need for expensive equipment), and post it in most email service provider software.

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Report on Outcomes

Numbers impress, my friends! How about using them to tell a story about the success of your latest event, the people helped by your latest project, or about your mission in general?

Get Involved!

Adding a call for volunteers to your newsletter may be hugely beneficial.

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About Us

Use this space to give a bit of information about your nonprofit. Don’t forget to add links back to your website.

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