Welcome to our Affiliate Program!

The Sumac Affiliate Program is an easy way for you to earn revenue and/or offer a discount on Sumac to your members.

How It Works

When you sign up as an affiliate, all of your member organizations are eligible for a 20% discount on their annual license fee of Sumac. You have three options for disbursing this 20% discount:

Scenario 1: They keep 100% of the savings. So for example, instead of paying $20/month, they would only pay $16/month.

Scenario 2: You keep 100% of the savings. So for example, you get $4/month for each of your members who signs up with us. If 20 organizations are using Sumac, that’s $80/month or $960/year. Remember this is ongoing, so you will continue to receive this revenue as long as the organizations remain Sumac clients.

Scenario 3: You keep 50% of the savings and they keep 50% of the savings.

Getting Started

Once you decide to become an affiliate, we will create a co-branded page on our website with information about how Sumac will benefit your members, and the discount that they are entitled to through your Association. All you have to do is share this page in your newsletter, on your website, or wherever you see fit. It’s literally that easy.

Receiving Revenue

If you decide to keep some of the revenue, we will send you an e-transfer or cheque once a year with all the revenue generated from new and existing clients.

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