AFCY uses Sumac Non-profit Software

We switched to Sumac from a tailor-made FileMaker Pro database system and couldn’t be more satisfied. Sumac integrates all areas of our operations, which is something no other database software has been able to do for us. It has streamlined our processes and increased our productivity, making it possible for us to reach new levels in our programming, fundraising and marketing initiatives. The Sumac team are continually adding increased functionality to the program. They respond immediately to questions, often anticipating our needs and going a step or two further to develop new solutions to increase our efficiency, without even being asked. Great customer service and an incredible product.” – Ester Pugliese, Marketing u0026amp; Communications Manager

Arts for Children and Youth engages young people living in priority neighbourhoods in high quality and accessible arts educational programming that is meaningful, relevant and collaboratively developed with community and education partners. AFCY positions arts programs in schools and neighbourhood venues as a means to build community, and empower marginalized children and youth to reach their full potential through the arts and social contributions. AFCY has, to date, provided over 40,000 children and youth from low-income areas in Toronto with high-quality, innovative arts experiences in visual arts, dance, rama,music, dub poetry, filmmaking and photography.

Reaching approximately 9,000 children and youth per year, AFCY’s programs are delivered in more than 90 diverse venues, including inner-city schools, community centres, shelters, churches, libraries, hospitals and Toronto Community Housing buildings. Our long-term goal is to work deeply with each community we serve, so that over time,programs become entrenched throughout a community and are seen as an essential part of the lives of all the children and youth.

The results of AFCY’s work can be seen in many places throughout Toronto: outdoor spaces, hallways, hospitals, and entrances of schools and community centres display the art of children and youth who have
worked with AFCY artists and youth arts assistants. Community and media interest in many of AFCY’s special projects have been extensive and

History: Established in 1995, AFCY, known at that time as Arts for Children of Toronto (AFC), functioned as an arts scholarship provider with a mandate to ensure that any child, regardless of means could attend music, visual arts or dance programs and experience the benefits of art experiences. More than 850 children received arts scholarships through AFC. In 2002, our strategic shift away from awarding scholarships and toward outreach programming stemmed from our belief that we would reach more children and provide more accessible program opportunities to those in the most need by bringing programs into
priority communities.


  • Engage marginalized youth in unique arts programs that
    develop both artistic and personal skills
  • Provide meaningful mentorship opportunities that could lead
    youth to finding gainful employment
  • Provide children and youth with a venue to develop a stake
    in their own community

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