Social Services

Human Services / Social Services Add-on Recommendations

Case Management

Case Management is designed for human services organizations to help streamline service delivery, increase the accuracy of client information, and assist with tasks like client intake and assessment. Built-in tools provide analysis for your operations, reporting for internal use and external governments and funding bodies, allowing your staff to focus on service delivery.


If you need to manage intake or assessment forms for clients, Forms is an ideal place to capture this kind of information. Think of a Form like a document attached to a contact’s file. Once a form is filled out, it is attached to the contact’s record, so it’s easily accessible. Forms can be filled out online if you have website integration, or in-house.


If you have a monthly giving program or want to start one, the Pledges Add-on makes managing a monthly giving program a breeze! Automate payment processing, receipts, and the creation of donation and payment records, so you save time. The Pledges Add-on also tracks irregular pledges (e.g. A donation of $1000 to be made sometime next year) that typically accompany capital campaigns.

Grant Management

If you apply for several grants/awards in a year, the Grant Management Add-on will be a huge help. Build a structured, step-by-step approach to winning grants, streamline the application process, and report on outcomes.


If you manage 50 or more volunteers, this Add-on can help! The Volunteers Add-on streamlines the entire process of managing volunteers, from recruitment and analysis, to scheduling, performing necessary tasks and thanking those who donate effort.

Job Search

If your agency assists clients in finding employment, Sumac Job Search takes care of all the data management associated with helping your clients find employment. Your staff can record job openings and match them to the specific skills of job seeking clients


If you need assistance managing staff tasks and meetings, the Reminders Add-on can help. Reminders is a general-purpose reminder and meeting tracker that also assists your organization in planning, scheduling, and implementing multi-step action plans – procedures that need execution in the right sequence and at the right times. Whether it’s soliciting funders, delivering client services, or turning potential prospects into significant donors (moves management), Sumac Reminders helps you stay on track.