Add-on Recommendations – Heritage and Museum Sector


Heritage and Museum Add-on Recommendations

Collection Management

If your organization is a museum or has a large museum-like collection or archive, the Collection Management Add-on is for you. It is an extraordinarily powerful tool for managing any number of distinct collections of artifacts or archival documents, including a media library which relates media objects (e.g. photos, movies) to collection objects.


If you have a monthly giving program or want to start one, the Pledges Add-on makes managing a monthly giving program a breeze! Automate payment processing, receipts, and the creation of donation and payment records, so you save time. The Pledges Add-on also tracks irregular pledges (e.g. A donation of $1000 to be made sometime next year) that typically accompany capital campaigns.

Grant Management

If you apply for several grants/awards in a year, the Grant Management Add-on will be a huge help. Build a structured, step-by-step approach to winning grants, streamline the application process, and report on outcomes.


If you need assistance finding the right people to approach for large donations, the Prospecting Add-on is the solution. Rapidly calculate a percentile ranking for each contact in your database, based on criteria you specify, to help identify potential large donors for a capital campaign, planned giving, or even good candidates for board members or volunteers.


If you need to illustrate complex giving scenarios for planned giving and large gifts that fall outside the routine of campaign-driven asks, the Proposals Add-on can help. This Add-on is ideal for organizations trying to manage a large planned giving program, as it records the required information and creates sophisticated illustrations for any gift scenario.


If you run a membership program, this Add-on is for you. Sumac Memberships is a complete membership management solution that streamlines membership management. You can even allow members to sign up and renew online if you opt for Website Integration.


If you sell goods and services, the Sales Add-on manages pricing, taxes, discounts, and payment processing. It also keeps track of inventory levels and can handle revenue splits for consignment sales. It is ideal for theatres who run small gift shops, or galleries needing to manage consignment sales for artists.


If you run regular auctions, this Add-on is for you. Keep up with the pace of any auction, and allow for quick check out. Dynamic updates provide quick results and reports, creating more time to engage with participants at your auction.

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