5 Signs Your Nonprofit Needs to Stop Using Excel and Get a Database!

5 Signs Your Nonprofit Needs to Stop Using Excel and Get a Database!


1. You waste a ridiculous amount of time entering information again and again because your data is in multiple spreadsheets and documents.

Nonprofit CRM Data Entry

2. Your spreadsheets are becoming so large and unwieldy that you would have to be a genius to figure out what’s going on!
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3. You can’t search and segment your donors based who’s given already and who hasn’t, who is living and who is deceased, who wants solicitations and who doesn’t, who came to your gala and who didn’t, so you just send the same solicitation to everyone, and hope for the best!

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4. One little mistake messes up your entire spreadsheet, and you’ve reached your breaking point with trying to keep it in order.

Nonprofit CRM Angry

5. Trying to run a report for your board members or annual report causes you go into full panic mode, because you have to figure out how to fit days of extra work into your already tight schedule!

Nonprofit CRM Reports


The Solution

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, you need a database! A single, integrated database like Sumac will let you manage all of your data in one place, search and sort it any way you like, and run any report you need with ease, so you can save your sanity and focus on what matters!

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