4 Tasks Your Non-profit Should be Automating

4 Tasks Your Non-profit Should be Automating


The quickest and simplest way to effectively minimize overhead is to automate operations and make processes more efficient. Work smarter not harder. Here are some key areas where a non-profit can, and should, leave it to technology.

1. Donor Data Management

A good CRM software will allow you to automate a lot of the tasks that come with keeping accurate records of your donors: Reconciling duplicates, subscribing and unsubscribing from mailing lists, and entering new donors into the database.

Ideally, when a new donor gives to you online, a receipt is automatically mailed out and the donor is automatically entered into your database, along with their contact information and all of the details of the donation. The less manual entry involved, the less time wasted and the less opportunity for error.

2. Fundraising and Outreach

We’ve talked before about how important it is to have a monthly giving program. We even created a funny video about it with some of our favourite nonprofit consultants!

Use a CRM software that tracks, processes, and records monthly donations automatically. Some CRMs, like Sumac, will also automatically remind you when a credit card is about to expire so you can update it an not miss out on donations.

For marketing and outreach, emails can be scheduled to trickle out automatically at fixed intervals. For example, if someone becomes a donor to a particular campaign, you may want to send them updates on this campaign on a regular basis so they see the value in their contribution!

Doron Barbalat states in an article for Tech Soup Canada, “Automation isn’t solely about saving time on tasks, it’s also about gaining the capabilities to work smarter. By giving your fundraising software the right criteria, you can ask it to do the ‘dirty work’ of generating names of supporters you want to focus on for your campaigns or initiatives.”

3. New Hire and Volunteer Training

Onboarding new staff and volunteers requires intensive training. By creating a new hire online platform, educating new recruits can be systemized and done with consistency and uniformity. Unnecessary coaching, supervision, and repetition become diminished.

A software that can deliver learning through an online course (with quizzes to complete at each level) can ensure that employees and volunteers attain a certain standard of training, and gain the proper knowledge to perform at their best. Also, it can be completed from anywhere and at one’s own pace.

4. Accounting and Reporting

Two of the most popular accounting and reporting programs are QuickBooks and Simply Accounting, but whatever you’re using, your CRM should integrate seamlessly with it, so that accounting data is automatically transferred. No one should ever have to manually enter their accounting data!

So go out there and get automating! The more your organization can automate tasks and eliminate manual administration, the more you can focus on your cause.

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