10 Fantastic Graphics To Boost Non-profit Transparency and Donors’ Trust

10 Fantastic Graphics To Boost Non-profit Transparency and Donors’ Trust


Simple Graphs Give Donors the Assurance They Need to Give

If you don’t currently have a graph or chart on the “donate now” page of your website telling donors where their contribution will go, put one there. Donors want this kind of information and they want it fast. A simple, easy-to-digest graphic like the ones you see below is the simplest way to increase transparency and donor confidence. These graphics tell donors exactly what they want to know before they donate.

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Note: Be careful when using pie charts. People are not good at distinguishing the relative magnitudes of angular structures like pieces of pie, and 3D pie charts can be very misleading because the projections have considerably different areas than their ends. For authoritative information on this, see Edward Tufte’s book, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

More Complex Infographics Allow You to Tell a Story & Build Donor Trust

A more detailed graphic will allow you to tell more than just where their donations are going. You can actually tell them a story. That’s what these organizations did. Infographics like the ones you see below are incredibly powerful – sometimes capturing the relevance and impact of the organization in just one image! Use them to get new donors’ attention or to show them what happened over the last year to keep them giving (like charity: water did with their annual report). However you use them, just do! When you better inform donors with data, you build donor trust and confidence, and this is exactly what you want to do if you want them to give and keep giving.

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